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a program designed to empower and inspire young children to grow into their best self by developing soft skills, building self-confidence, and instilling important values while encouraging healthy physical development and fitness through music, movement and dance.


Working with young children has long been a passion of mine. I pursued my dream of becoming an elementary school teacher many years ago, and I had the opportunity to teach both Kindergarten and Grade One early on in my career. One of the things I loved most about teaching these young children, was that I had the chance to focus on, not only academic skills, but soft skills as well, such as sharing, being kind, self-control, helping others, etc.

In June 2017, I joined the MTClife team (which is the parent company to Wee Wigglers), completed my training, and discovered an even greater passion in life. 


As an MTClife Coach, I am very eager and excited to deliver these fun and engaging classes, while sharing empowering messages with children in the community. My goal is to make a positive difference in their lives, and to inspire them to make their difference in the world, too! 

About Cadence
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At MTClife, we believe soft skill development (honesty, integrity, leadership, diversity, etc.) is as important as hard skills (math, science, English, history, etc.).  We have put together sessions and workshops where we discuss and develop these skills through different platforms.    Music and movement are some of the means we use in delivering essential content in a way that encourages healthy, physical development while reinforcing values, building self-confidence and having fun!

Here's what parents are saying about 'Cadence with Coach Tanya'....

“My daughter thoroughly enjoyed the Cadence program. It is a very unique program that offers a variety of activities and emphasis on self-esteem/confidence which is so important to instill in children. We looked forward to each class and loved the music and movement activities. Tanya is an amazing and positive coach and welcomes and engages each child.”  

- Stephanie

“Tanya is extremely great with children. You can tell that Tanya loves what she does and truly cares about all her students from her positive attitude and caring nature to all her students. My daughter has been enrolled in all of Tanya’s classes and she continues to love every single class that she offers to this day. Tanya’s class is her favourite part of her week.”  


-Tara and Elizabeth

“Tanya is an amazing coach and my daughter loves her classes which she always looks forward to each week. The Cadence class inspired my daughter by helping build her self-confidence and to be happy with who she is by recognizing what makes her special. I highly recommend this program do to the self-confidence booster and the exercise portion to keep the kids active, which my daughter loves (especially the song choices).” 




Get In Touch!

If you or someone you know (school principal, teacher, friend, etc.) is interested in learning more about the MTClife programs for their child(ren) or students, please contact me and I would love to connect with you!  |  905-328-7547

Niagara, Ontario


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