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an innovative fitness and nutrition program
that will help preschoolers discover the joy of
movement, increase self-confidence, and begin a pattern of health t
hat can last a lifetime!

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Wee Wigglers

​Living a healthy lifestyle has always been important to me. As a mom, I’m always teaching my children the importance and benefits of regular physical activity and healthy eating habits. 

Wanting to help other children discover the joy of movement is what inspired me to complete my training as a Wee Wigglers Children’s Fitness Ambassador in May 2012. 

My goal is to promote lifelong health by engaging young children in age-appropriate exercises, through music and movement, that will enhance both their physical and cognitive development, all while having fun! 


I’m very eager and excited to “move and groove” with little ones in the community and make a positive difference in their lives.


Keep scrolling to find out which program is suited for your child. 


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About Wee Wiggles

Wee Wigglers

Created by experts in the field of education and children’s fitness, the Wee Wigglers programs provide a unique opportunity for preschoolers to engage in age-appropriate exercises that will enhance both physical and cognitive development.  They will help to further develop fundamental movement skills ~ agility, balance & coordination, through gross-motor play and non-stop fun!  
The programs also encourage children to further develop body awareness through creative and expressive motion, to begin to recognize and keep rhythm, and to practice listening to and following instructions.
So, come out and join the fun, as I invite you to experience “fresh, musical fitness for kids"!

GROW with Wee Wigglers
Programs available from 4 months - 5 years

Here's what parents are saying about 'Wee Wigglers with Tanya'....

"We love Wee Wigglers with Tanya! My 3-year-old son has "wiggled" with Tanya for 4 sessions and counting! We love the program's wide range of activities which have helped him develop in areas of confidence, listening, sharing, following instructions, and motor skills development. I appreciate the age appropriate focus on fitness and nutrition. Most of all, my son has so much fun! Tanya clearly loves and understands children, and they respond very positively to her fun, patient, and calm demeanor. My son looks forward to seeing her every week! We can't wait for the next session!"


" Tanya has taught both of our boys during the program and both of them enjoyed/are enjoying the classes. The songs and music that is repeated weekly is wonderful for the children so they are able to get to learn the words and actions each week. She is very patient and attentive to each child during the class - making them each feel very special. My children look forward to going to the classes weekly, and we will be participating in the program as much as we can." 

-Lindsay & Mike


Get In Touch!

If you or someone you know (school principal, teacher, friend, etc.) is interested in learning more about the MTClife programs for their child(ren) or students, please contact me and I would love to connect with you!  |  905-328-7547

Niagara, Ontario


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