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'Private' Group Sessions

Let's Plan a Playdate!



Are you and your friends looking for a fun activity to do together with your ‘wee’ ones? If so, then a private Wee Wigglers session might just be the thing for you! It’s music, movement & fun for everyone! An interactive weekly playdate where you and your little ones get to socialize with friends -- it's a win-win!!

How it works:


- You gather a group of friends (6-8) and their little ones (in a similar age range);

- Choose the length of your session: 8 weeks, 6 weeks,  or a mini 4-week session;

- As a group, you decide when you would like the session to begin (the month); 

- Your group can choose the day and time for weekly classes that best suits everyone in the group (with some exceptions, based on my regular weekly class schedule);

 - Everyone in the group who signs-up for the class gets a discount* on registration fees for that session (*when a minimum of 5 participants sign up)!!

Private Play-Date classes are also available!  

Just gather a minimum of 4 participants and decide if you’d like to have the class at the studio or in a home/backyard (discount & gift for the host).

If this sounds like something you and your friends would like to try, please email me.  I'd love to hear from you!

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