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Parent/Guardian Waiver & Release of Liability

As the parent or legal guardian of the child named in the booking/registration form, I hereby give my full consent and approval for my child to participate in the Wee Wigglers program. I understand that there are certain risks of injury inherent in the practice and play of this program, including (but not limited to) tripping, slipping, or falling, and I am willing to assume these risks on behalf of my child.


I hereby certify that my child is fully capable of participating in the Wee Wigglers program and that my child is healthy and has no physical or mental disabilities or infirmities, physical limitations or allergies that would restrict full participation in this program, except as listed on the booking/registration form. If there are any changes to my child’s health during the course of this session, or any future Wee Wigglers session(s) in which my child is enrolled, I will inform the instructor immediately so that it can be noted. 


In addition to giving my full consent for my child’s participation, I do hereby waive, release and hold harmless the instructor (Tanya Belanger), the employees, the owner and the centre (where classes take place) for any injury that may be suffered by my child in the normal course of participation in the Wee Wigglers program, whether the result of negligence or any other cause.

Please be advised that Tanya Belanger (of Wee Wigglers with Tanya) will not be held responsible or liable for transmission of communicable diseases including Covid-19.

Photo Permission Form

I hereby give Tanya Belanger, Wee Wigglers instructor, permission to use photographs depicting my/our child, named in the booking/registration form, for the following purposes: 


To post on the instructor’s Wee Wigglers website displaying participants in their classes;


To post on the instructor’s Wee Wigglers business social media pages (Instagram, Facebook, etc.) to share photos of participants doing different activities in their Wee Wigglers classes.

Note:  If, at any time, you change your mind about the photographs, please inform Tanya via email.


If you do not wish to agree to the above terms/conditions, please contact Tanya Belanger directly at

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